Celebrity Fashion Of Bad Boy Timz The Nigerian Singer

Bad boy Timz after releasing his hit song “move”and” have “fun” seem to go down on the low because he was having some issues with his label, but rumours have it that he will bounce back to the music thing as he promised his fans that his new album will be fire.


Bad Boy Timz was recently seen in the club with Olamide, they were discussing music related issues and Olamide will probably be featured on Bad Boy Timz upcoming album, last year Olamide put Bad Boy Timz on his own album.


Bad Boy Timz is who you call on your album when you want to make a street song I.e a song people in the street will vibe and dance to, the instrumental on his song is so damn addictive, it will keep replaying on your head.


His music prowess is acknowledged by Wizkid and Olamide who bigs him up steady, when you are about things that you have big artists and legends backing up your works you will surely feel on top of the world and they will even go harder just to impress and get more respect from them.


Bad Boy Timz Luxury lifestyle is what some of his fans are more concerned about, for someone bears the name “Bad Boy” he needs to show us some of that bad boy swagga he got.

It’s now left for you to decide which bad boy timz fashion you love the most and one you find more colorful.

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