Celebrity Fashion Of White Money The BBNaija winner

Celebrity Fashion Of White Money The BBNaija winner

Whitemoney have gathered a lot of fans from winning on the reality show BBNaija to becoming a singer and then an international politician who also do cryptocurrency.


Whitemoney is loved by people you can testify to this if you saw him after he won the BBNaija show, people were so happy for him he said these to fans “Thank you all for the dm’s for your interest on getting me as the winner, thank you so much for showing Love ❤ & support.

To ensure that we can cover the demand for all our OG members our team”.


Just like nearly every Nigerian can’t hate the food rice that’s how so BBNaija fans can’t hate Whitemoney as the winner of BBNaija, all you can see is support for him and his music career even as BBNaija is over.


Whitemoney wants to be like Ckay whose music has entered places that Nigerian music hasn’t entered before, he’s on Indian music chart and also Oman Number 1 and 2 that’s the world wide afro beat star Whitemoney wants to be, let’s take a look at the fashion Lifestyle of this luxurious individual.

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